Resident FAQ

On-site Management and Support

How can I contact someone in my Leasing Office?

We are no longer allowing non-employee access into our leasing office. All forms of communicating with our staff should be limited to phone and electronic means, such as submitting rent payments, maintenance requests, and other inquires online or through the resident portal.

What if I have a maintenance request?

All maintenance requests should be limited to emergency requests only. When completing the emergency maintenance request, please let us know if you are feeling ill so our maintenance staff can prepare accordingly. Please submit all maintenance requests through the resident app.

Common Areas and Amenities

Are laundry facilities open for use?

Yes. For those using the laundry services, please adhere to social distancing protocols. Note that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised that germs can remain viable on surfaces for hours to days.

Are any other amenity spaces open?

All amenity spaces will be closed until further notice, except for laundry services. Despite our cleaning and sanitation practices, we believe that closing our amenity spaces is in the best interest of our community.

Packages and Deliveries

Will the leasing office be accepting packages?

We will no longer be accepting resident packages and deliveries at the leasing office. All packages and deliveries should be directed to the residential units.

Health Concerns

What if I’m feeling ill?

If you feel or exhibit any flu-like symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath), please contact your healthcare professional and the CDC at 1-800-232-4636 or If you would like someone to speak with regarding your concerns, feel free to reach out to your state’s peer-run, emotional support “Warm Line” which offers free, non-emergency support via a toll-free phone line at 1-855-845-7415 in California or 1-877-500-9276 in Washington.