Essex Blog - 2015-06

June 18 2015

Treat Yourself to a Tasty Bread Pudding – Vegan Style

For many, bread pudding stood as a symbol of frugality. It originated as a way of using stale, old bread and making it into something more edible, instead of throwing it away.

But these days, bread pudding is considered comfort food of the highest order. The rich, creamy, eggy, buttery, cinnamony concoction is a delightful feel-good dish that's often offered in the finest of eateries. And it's also a long-standing favorite among home cooks.

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June 16 2015

Are you moving to California? Here are some tips on how to find the perfect apartment home for you.

1. Find an Apartment that's Close to Everything

It's easier to get what you need and save money on gas by getting an apartment that's close to everything you need and matches your lifestyle. Keeping in mind that everyone has different requirements, here is a list of some of the factors that go into moving into a specific area and community:

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June 13 2015

Treat Your Best Friend to Some Home Cooking with These Gourmet Dog Biscuit Recipes

Everyone loves home-cooked treats. After all, which would you rather have: store-bought cookies straight from the box, or homemade cookies straight from the oven?   

I know, it’s a silly question. Just about everybody prefers home cooking. And not many would argue that home-cooked food isn't better for you than prepackaged, mass-manufactured store-bought food.

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