3 Career Success Tips from the Essex IT MVP of the Year

September 16th 2016


“Is Bill around?” A woman peeks over the glass wall of her cube. “I can’t log in to my computer. Can someone Lync him for me?” Within moments, a slight man with slick hair, a broad smile and a somewhat-bulky, black jacket (his signature look) appears. It’s Bill Tsui from IT support, magically summoned via instant message. The login issue is promptly addressed, and before running off, Bill briefly checks in with nearby desk mates to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

This is a typical scene from a modern office, to be sure. The difference—one that people notice—is the gust of fresh air that accompanies Bill when he makes the rounds. “He doesn’t make you feel that your issue is minor—even if it is—and he shows up with a big smile,” says colleague Debbie Beasley. “I like to treat everyone like they’re my best friend,” Bill shrugs, “Even people I’ve just met.”

Bill joined Essex fairly recently, in December 2015, as an IT support analyst. Right away, his can-do attitude left a positive impression on his fellow E-Team members. Just a few months later at the Annual Awards Gala, Bill was acknowledged as IT MVP of the Year. “I’m surprised to be recognized for this,” he says. “I feel like I’m just doing my best work every day.”

He’s not just humble-bragging—he means it. We asked him about his work ethic, and dug deeper to find the secret of his swift success.

1.      Customer service comes first (even if it’s not in your job title)

Wires, coding and multikey commands are usually what comes to mind when discussing IT (it’s called tech support, after all). For Bill, it’s not just about the nitty-gritty details. In fact, his goal is to “demystify the technical side of IT and bring it to a personal level.” In addition to removing the intimidation factor, speed of service is high on his list. “Bill responds immediately, while being friendly and professional,” says Deja Bishop, another colleague. Bill agrees: “If I can solve an issue, I do it without delay. If I can’t do it, I still try.” 

2.   There’s always a solution, and you need teamwork to get there. 

Bill acknowledges that while he doesn’t always have the answer, he can always find the solution. He does this by collaborating with team members, which he finds additionally rewarding: “My personal success isn’t actually based on what I can do on my own.” He goes out of his way to learn from others, and shares his knowledge base at the same time: “I want to train and educate people … a mutually beneficial relationship results in my own success.”

3.  Push yourself outside your comfort zone.

When joining Essex, many associates take a communication assessment called DiSC®. The acronym stands for the traits dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. More than just a novelty personality test, this tool can help people identify their unique communication preference and stretch to work more effectively with others.

Based on his personal assessment, Bill found that, at work, he consciously pushes himself to be extra personable in his interactions. At home, however, he is more reserved.

When Bill isn’t working hard at Essex, you can find him playing with his 3-year-old son. In spite of his love for tech, you won’t find them playing computer games. “I did fine without a tablet growing up! We usually go to the park to play.”


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