Associate Spotlight: Lauren Knowles

November 20th 2015

1. Congratulations on winning Lease Closer of the Year! Can you tell us what it felt like to have accomplished this? 

I felt honored!  The lease-up at Wilshire La Brea was a lot of fun.  Selena Kerr, our regional property manager, was a great leader and gave the team much support.


 2. You accomplished 116 leases last year! How’s this year lookin'?

We aren’t in lease up anymore but this year is going well too – I’m at net 93 leases with a month and a half to go!  My motivation is just to be the best leasing specialist I can be. My recommendation is just to have fun. That always shows!


3. You have such awesome reviews on Yelp!

I enjoy working closely with my prospects-applicants.  I put myself in their shoes and listen to what their needs are.  I do my best to deliver every time.


4. What’s your favorite Wilshire La Brea memory?

My favorite memory was stabilizing the property EARLY and the great party we had with the staff and corporate.  Fun had by all…


5. Let’s say there’s a fresh college grad who is about to start a new position at an Essex property, what would be your biggest piece of advice?

I recommend that you choose a position within Essex that is the most desirable to you, and give it your all!  Essex is a company who sees the hard work and rewards for it.


6. What’s the last thing you googled?

The healing properties of ginger root :)