Best Bike Storage for your Apartment

October 4th 2016


Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

Image courtesy Public Bikes

Don’t want to drill holes in your wall, own more than one bike, and looking for an affordable option? This sleek and modern stand is it! Easy to build and move, just lean it against the wall.

Price: $75

Maximum load: 80 lbs. (35 kgs)

Size: 30.48cm x 213.36cm


Shoes Books and a Bike

Image courtesy PostFossil

 Like a trophy case, the Shoes Books and a Bike stand from PostFossil puts your two-wheeled best friend where it deserves to be: front and center. How does it stand there almost angel-like, you ask? On the right (zoom in a bit), there’s a clip that holds the tire—no bulky hooks business. Plus, it’s great for storage!

But at the hefty price tag of $1,190, you might want to add this to your holiday wish list…

Size: 280mm x 1975mm x 1665mm (l x d x h)

Material: fir, coconut fiber, steel


Bike Shelf

Image courtesy Knife & Saw

Elegant, compact and modern, the bike shelf from Knife & Saw will steal the spotlight in your already-happening living room. Remember: it’s also a shelf! Set your books, speakers, or better yet, summer it up with a colorful vase.

Price: starts at $300

Colors: Available in walnut and white oak

Size: 133mm x 438mm

*Ask your community manager before installing.


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