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Top 5 Reasons to Live in an Essex Apartment Home

May 22nd 2015

Every lifestyle choice comes with its own set of unique advantages. The same is true of apartment living. Making the choice to be an apartment resident instead of a homeowner offers you a unique set of benefits.

Unfortunately for many, the apartment hunt can mean choosing between desired features and amenities and locations. With that, it is in this search that many have come to realize that not all apartment communities are equal. These thoughts have made we at Essex think differently about apartment home living.

7 Clever Organization Ideas for Your Essex Apartment Home

May 12th 2015

Living in an apartment home offers many convenient advantages. Take, for instance, maintenance. Homeowners spend much of their weekends mowing, raking, painting and so much more. For homeowners, there's always an endless list of maintenance chores to be done. As an apartment resident, maintenance chores are just something you don’t have to worry about. You're free to spend your weekends enjoying much more pleasant activities.

Aside from all the great stress-free benefits of living in an apartment home, apartment living can come with a few disadvantages, too.