Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe & Healthy This Summer

July 7th 2015

Summer is here. Are you taking the proper precautions to keep your pets safe? Here are some tips to ensure that everyone—your four-legged friends included—enjoys a safe summertime.

1. Heat

Heat is dangerous for pets. Learn how to tell if your pet is too hot, and bring them inside if they need a break. Also, if walking your pet outdoors, test the temperature of the road or sidewalk. If you can’t put your hand on it for five seconds, it's too hot for your dog's footpads.

2. Dehydration

Gourmet Dog Biscuit Recipes

June 14th 2015

Treat Your Best Friend to Some Home Cooking with These Gourmet Dog Biscuit Recipes

Everyone loves home-cooked treats. After all, which would you rather have: store-bought cookies straight from the box, or homemade cookies straight from the oven?   

I know, it’s a silly question. Just about everybody prefers home cooking. And not many would argue that home-cooked food isn't better for you than prepackaged, mass-manufactured store-bought food.

Why Our Pet Pals Love Essex Apartment Homes

June 8th 2015

Essex Communities Are Really Pet-Friendly

We know how important pets are to our residents. That's why we believe it's so important that our apartment communities be pet friendly. Yet we do have to mention that at Essex, we have some minor pet breed restrictions, which can be seen under each community’s pet policy.

For more information on pets, be sure to contact your Essex community management team.

We Believe Your Pet Should Be Comfy, Cozy and Happy