Together, Charlie Mishlof and Andy Goodwin, have 60 years at Hillsdale Garden

May 27th 2016

No, that’s not The Most Interesting Man in the World from the commercials on the left. It’s Charlie Mishlof, senior maintenance technician at Hillsdale Garden, who sports an admirable 37-year tenure.

When asked what he does for fun, Charlie grunts and says, “I’m married.”

If you ask Andy what Charlie does, he’ll say “not much” and the two will share a laugh. They also share a brotherly rapport and respect for one another that jumps off the page.

“Our maintenance team is so great; we operate as one team,” adds Hillsdale Garden community manager, Shannon Ortega, who is fresh off wining community manager of the year.

Ceviche lover, and hailing from beautiful Lancaster, Charlie joined the company in 1978 after a friend recommended the position to him. While looking back at his time at Hillsdale Garden, Charlie fondly remembers his wife and daughter both working as lifeguards at the Hillsdale Garden pool.

Andy, whose favorite car is a 1968 Dodge Charger, vividly remembers his first day at Hillsdale Garden: “March 8, 1993, I was so excited I, bought a new pair of boots.”

Andy had seen an ad in a newspaper, called the community and got an interview. “After the interview, I wanted the job so bad I kept calling to see if I got it. So glad everything worked out.”

In his spare time, Andy enjoys taking his Harleys out, while Charlie jokes that he throws eggs at him when he drives past his house. Andy is also a fan of art, while Charlie again jokes, “I like beer; that’s an art.”

Thank you for your incredible tenure, Charlie and Andy!

Hillsdale Garden is a 697-unit, 33-acre building in San Mateo, just walking distance from the Hillsdale Mall and Caltrain station.