Come to the Bark Side: Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs

October 11th 2016

On October 31st in a neighborhood not so far, far, away, trick-or-treaters will be roaming in search of sweets and fun frights. Our favorite trick-or-treaters? The four-legged kind. We've rounded up more Star Wars dog costumes than the number of lost droids collected by Jawas. Check it out!


From the Forest Moon of Endor to a pet park near you ...

What's cuter than an Ewok? Trick question! Your dog, dressed as an Ewok


A Jedi Knight on Halloween Night

 We know for a fact that your dog is a Jedi master. Isn't that how she gets you to give her bellyrubs whenever she wants? 


Give me treats, you will


Straight from the Dogobah system, canine Yoda is the one teaching us humans a few tricks.


Follow those Bantha tracks for Halloween treats

While it may be tempting, we recommend against riding your Bantha dog like this Tusken Raider.


Beep boop beep beep beep boop

Beep boop boop beep beep boop boop beep beep beeep booooop. (We think this means you can find the costume here.)


Come to the Bark Side

While this pup is no Sith Lord, we bet your dog rules over your house just like ol' Darth Vader.


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