Desiree Olivas, Corporate MVP

June 2nd 2016
  • Desiree Olivas Corporate MVP

  • Desiree Olivas Corporate MVP

  • Desiree Olivas Corporate MVP

  • Desiree Olivas Corporate MVP

“She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer is the song that best describes marketing manager, Desiree Olivas’ work ethic. With the company for more than 8 years and a background in marketing and fashion, Desiree was recently awarded a Corporate MVP award. “The people. I really enjoy the people I work with. I definitely wouldn’t be as successful without the support of the team,” shares Desiree when asked what’s kept her at Essex for more than 8 years. On her spare time, Desiree enjoys taking her retriever mix out for walks and exploring trails in Los Gatos and San Jose “and Pinterest, I could spend hours on it.” Get to know her below!


1. 8 years with Essex, please share a memory!

We had a “Day in the Field” last year where we travelled to Ventura County and had the opportunity to work with the maintenance teams. They were getting a lot of calls! We hopped on the golf cart and I got to see how much residents LOVED them, which was pretty cool. I also got a deeper understanding of what they do as well and establish a relationship with them.

2. Last awesome project you worked on?

One South Market in San Jose, I grew up in that area and to work on a project in my neighborhood from the ground up was special to me. Now, when I drive by, I see the graphics and banners that my team and I worked on.

3. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I went to fashion design school at FIDM before continuing my education in Business Administration. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and learned and developed a lot of skills that I use today in my current role.

4. Last thing you googled?

“Gray subway tile backsplash,” I’m currently renovating my home and it’s been a lot of fun. But my pup is not a fan, he comes into the kitchen and doesn’t understand what is going on!