Here's the easiest way to display art in your apartment home

October 15th 2013

By Kaeleigh McHenry, Assistant Community Manager

A gallery wall at 5600 Wilshire apartments in Los Angeles

This gallery wall at 5600 Wilshire features two staggered shelves, making it easy to swap out art or collectibles.

Have a lot of art or collectibles to display? I know I sure do. But I hate trying to line up all my artwork or choosing which items to display. I also don’t like to make a ton of holes in my apartment home’s walls.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution: Create a beautiful, versatile gallery wall using shelves!

You can find some great shelving options at Target or IKEA. Shelves with a lip on the front are best, as they prevent pictures from sliding off the shelf. I like to stagger the shelves on the wall – it’s visually appealing and prevents me from going insane trying to line up my shelves perfectly.

After you hang the shelves, now comes the fun part. Load those babies up with your art prints or knickknacks, your children’s artwork, or whatever else you can think of. You can easily switch it up depending on your mood, changes in your décor or even the holidays.

When it’s time to move, all you need to do is remove the shelves and patch a few holes. Easy as pie!