Hosting holiday houseguests? Make them feel at home in your apartment

December 11th 2013

By Michelle Dombeck, Corporate Communications Manager

A bathrobe and slippers can transform an air mattress into a hotel experience.
You can make an air mattress feel more like a hotel experience with upscale bedding, robes and slippers.

The holidays often bring out-of-town houseguests. If you're like most of us, you probably don't have a dedicated guest bedroom in your apartment. So how do you make holiday houseguests feel at home when they're sharing your space?

Here are four things you can provide that will help your guests feel welcome in your apartment:

  1. A comfortable bed
    Consider investing in a high-quality air mattress. They're often more comfortable (and less expensive!) than a futon or sofa bed. Plus, they're easy to pack up and store during the day. Matching linens and throw pillows – you can even use the ones from your couch – will make the bed feel more welcoming and less makeshift.
  2. Privacy
    Put the air mattress in the dining area or the corner of your living room, where it won't be in the path of foot traffic. Add a folding privacy screen to block the sightline to the guest bed – your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  3. Space
    You don't want guests to feel like they're invading your space. Clear off a shelf in the bathroom, repurpose a living room chair as a luggage stand and make some room in your closet so guests can hang clothing.
  4. Simple luxuries
    Take a cue from luxury hotels and go the extra mile with the small details. Create a "spa kit” with toiletries, plush towels, a bathrobe and slippers. Fill a basket with snacks and bottled water. Put some reading material near the bed. Be creative!

Don't forget to tell your guests that you're happy they are there. Being warm and welcoming goes a long way.