Surviving the Summer Heat in Los Angeles: Cooling Tips

August 2nd 2014

Living in Los Angeles during the summer is wonderful. There are music festivals, theme parks are open late, the days are long and the beaches are full of smiling sun-worshippers.

That said, when intense heat waves hit from time to time, summer in LA can be a bit uncomfortable. Follow these tips for surviving the summer heat in Los Angeles, and you'll keep your cool – no matter how high the temperature rises.

Hit the LA beaches

Los Angeles beaches are where it's at during the summer months. If you need to cool off, take a dip in the ocean, or try your hand at surfing, sea kayaking or kite boarding. You won't even notice the heat! Just don't forget the sunblock.

Stay hydrated during hot Los Angeles summer days

When the heat is on, staying hydrated is a must. Your body loses more water than you probably realize when the temperature rises, and if you don't replenish that water, you could be in for serious trouble.

Head to the water park

There are several water parks in the Los Angeles area, and each one offers visitors plenty of summertime thrills. Stuck in a heat wave? You won't be on a waterslide.

Dress for the weather

The middle of a severe heat wave is no time to suffer for fashion, even in LA. You can stay cool and still look great with clothes in light colors and breathable fabrics. Seersucker shorts, white canvas lows and a pastel tee? Yes. Black jeans, combat boots and a leather jacket? That's just asking for heatstroke.

Catch a movie

Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world. From blockbusters to indie films, there's always something new to see in the city's myriad movie theaters. On sweltering days, the multiplex has an added bonus for heat-addled heliophobes: frosty air conditioning and zero sunshine.

Keep the sun out and use fans

You can always run the AC in your apartment, but that can get expensive pretty quickly. The less of the sun's thermal energy you let in, the more you'll stay cool and save on energy costs. Try blocking the sun from streaming through your windows by drawing the blinds during the day.

Fans are also a cheap and effective way for cooling down. At night, a good tip is to open multiple doors to get cool airflow in your apartment. Place your fans next to the open area pointing inward to draw cooler air in.

Cool your pulse points

The places on your body where you can best detect your pulse also happen to be the areas where major blood vessels are closest to the surface. Use that information to stay cool by running cold water over your wrists, your elbows or your neck. Just give it a minute. It works wonders.

Follow these tips, and living in LA over the summertime will feel like a breeze. The Los Angeles apartments from BRE Properties are equipped with features including air conditioning and pools to make your Southern California summer fun and enjoyable.