Tips for preventing a car break-in

December 30th 2015

Tips for preventing a car break-in


It’s a sad truth, but thieves are out there. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe. 


Don’t leave your windows rolled down (not even a little bit!).

  • Rolling down the window just a smidge might help air out your car on hot days, however, it’s also an easy way for someone to force open the window and get into your car.

Store items securely in the trunk.

  • Add some junk to your trunk! If you have to leave something in your car, put them in the trunk.
  • If you don’t have a secure trunk, at least conceal your belongings. Throw an old blanket over shopping bags, for example.

Don’t give them anything to steal.

  • Thieves are looking for an easy target, like when valuables are in plain sight.
  • Even if it’s inconvenient, take your belongings with you when you leave the car.

Always lock your car

  • You might run in to the store for just a minute, but a minute is all it takes for a thief to break in. Always, always lock your car. 

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