Affordable Housing Programs

Affordable Housing Programs ("Affordable Programs") are available at select communities in Washington, Northern California and Southern California. Select communities will have an Affordable Program that designates a certain number of units for affordable housing contingent on income level and household size. Applicants are required to provide rental history, proof of income, financial history and meet program as well as property qualifications for approval. Affordable Programs are different from tenant based affordable housing vouchers, like Section 8 vouchers. All our communities accept affordable housing vouchers. To learn more about a specific community’s program and availability, please click the "Join the Waitlist" link.

Affordable Housing Waitlist

To join the waitlist for affordable housing please make sure that you first qualify for the program based on the terms and qualifications, and then sign up for the waitlist here. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any housing by joining this waitlist.

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Southern California

Affordable Housing Programs FAQs

  • How do I get on the waitlist for my desired location?

    To be added to the waitlist, find your desired location from the list above and click on the “Join Waitlist” link to visit a community’s Leasing Info page. On the Leasing Info page, scroll down to the “Affordable Housing Program” section and complete the Waitlist Inquiry form.​

  • Does renting an affordable housing unit help or hurt my credit score?

    Applicants must complete the community’s Rental Application and a credit screening will be run. Based on the results of the credit screening and rental history, applicants will receive either an Approval, Approval with Conditions or Denial recommendation.​

  • What are the income levels?

    The Affordable Program dictates the maximum income and rent limits and is updated annually. This varies from property to property depending on the type of Affordable Program the community participates in. Please refer to your desired community’s link, for their specific eligibility guidelines.

  • What is the maximum income limit for my household?

    The maximum income limit is determined by the Affordable Program and is updated annually. It takes into consideration the total number of occupants in your household and your household’s combined income and sets a maximum amount that cannot be exceeded. This information can be found with the community’s affordable housing information. This information can also be found by navigating to their particular Affordable Program's website.

  • How long is the wait for an available apartment, once I am on the waitlist?

    Wait time will vary depending on availability and where the applicant is on the list.

  • If I am added to the waitlist, am I automatically approved for a future apartment?

    Submission of the Affordable Housing Program Questionnaire only determines that an applicant can be added to the waitlist. Once there is a future apartment home available and the applicant is next on the waitlist, they will still need to go through the community’s application process to ensure that they meet the property’s specific rental qualifications as well as the Affordable Program's qualifications.

  • Do I have to complete another application and have my credit screened?

    Just like with renting any market apartment, all applicants 18 years and older must meet the property’s Rental qualifications, as well as the Affordable Housing Program qualifications. This includes completing our community’s online Rental Application and having their credit screened. A positive credit screening is needed to qualify for any of our apartments, including those apartments in an Affordable Program.​

  • How long will it take to process my Affordable Housing application?

    Once all of the applicant(s)’ documents are received and reviewed, it can take one to three weeks for approval. Missing documents could result in a delay or denial of the application.​

  • Once a new resident moves into an Affordable Program apartment, do I have to requalify/recertify every year?

    Depending on the community’s Affordable Program, a resident may need to recertify annually. Most Affordable Programs require annual recertification of income.​

  • Do the communities accept tenant based affordable housing vouchers, like Section 8?

    Yes, all communities accept tenant based affordable housing vouchers regardless of whether that community has an Affordable Program. Typically, a voucher cannot be used in combination with an Affordable Program.​

  • Do the communities accept third party sources of income?

    Yes, similar to tenant based affordable vouchers, all communities accept income on behalf of the tenant regardless of the source. For example, a non-profit organization providing rental assistance in a certain amount each month. ​

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