Our commitment to providing a sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly apartments is more than just a story we tell. It’s our mission. We continue to be among the leaders in the industry by minimizing environmental impact through renovations and developing new sustainable living homes. 18 of our apartment communities are LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with 2 additional developments targeting LEED certification, a designation indicating a universally agreed-upon, holistic system for reducing environmental impacts, saving resources, impacting human health, reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. In total, we have developed 32 properties that have received or are targeting green building certifications (LEED, GreenPoint, or BUILT GREEN).

Aligning with the United Nations’ International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our sustainable apartments and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focus on reducing our environmental impact through solutions and technology surrounding energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, water conservation, and waste management. The result: eco-friendly living for our residents and a better planet for us all.

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The Essex Impact: Self-Sustainable Living

As industry leaders, we recognize the importance of building and sustaining eco-friendly apartments in California and Washington while minimizing the environmental impact of our communities with new technologies and processes.

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Waste Management

To create eco-friendly apartments, we are committed to finding the best waste management solutions. For residents interested in living a sustainable lifestyle, we aim to provide resources to recycle and reduce waste, including accessible separation bins and tips on waste separation. In 2020, we worked with third-party vendors to optimize the waste processes at 168 communities and collected over 81 thousand tons of waste, of which 42% was redirected from landfills.

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Environmental Compliance

Following stricter EPA regulations in the state of California regarding performance metrics for U.S. buildings, our properties and eco-friendly apartments comply with Energy Star. Through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager®, Essex submitted energy consumption data for 49% of its communities in 2020. With an average Energy Star score of 76, our communities are well above the average performance of comparable sustainable living communities.

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Resource Management

Our Resource Management team has managed the resource consumption of our properties since 2008. They invest strategically in technologies and solutions to increase our resident’s quality of living, reduce utility costs, and support an eco-friendly lifestyle. They have achieved remarkable results through energy and water conservation programs and improving waste management and recycling options to enhance our sustainable communities.

Sustainable Living Awards and Certifications

Since the inception of green building certifications, Essex has created sustainable apartments. Our team has developed 32 communities that have received or are targeting green building certifications, totaling nearly 10,000 eco-friendly apartments.

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

GRESB Green Star

For the fifth consecutive year in 2020, Essex earned a “Green Star” from the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark for its sustainable living performance.

U.S. Green Building Council

U.S. Green Building Council

Essex has developed 18 LEED apartment communities that are LEED Certified, including eight Gold and eight Silver certifications, with two additional certifications currently pending.

Build it Green: GreenPoint Rated

Build it Green: GreenPoint Rated

Essex has achieved GreenPoint Rated certifications from the most trusted independent green home certification program in California on 10 ground-up development projects.

Smart Hot Water Technology

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable apartments, Essex uses smart hot water management systems. As of 2020, this technology has been implemented in 128 communities serving over 30,000 eco-friendly apartments. This innovative smart technology platform captures, analyzes, reports, and adjusts to the specific hot water needs of each sustainable living community, reducing system runtime and providing energy savings. In 2020 alone, we saved over 654K therms of gas usage, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 748 passenger cars off the road for one full year.

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500 Folsom (LEED Gold) 5600 Wilshire (LEED Silver) Aviara (LEED Silver)
Agora at South Main (GreenPoint Rated) Allure at Scripps Ranch (LEED Silver targeted) Belcarra (LEED Silver)
Century Towers (LEED Certified) Park Viridian (LEED Gold) Expo (LEED Gold)
Connolly Station (GreenPoint Rated) Wallace on Sunset (LEED Gold) Patent 523 (LEED Gold)
Emme (GreenPoint Rated) Wilshire La Brea (LEED Silver) Taylor 28 (LEED Silver)
Epic (GreenPoint Rated)
Fourth & U (GreenPoint Rated)
The Galloway (GreenPoint Rated)
Lawrence Station (LEED Silver)
MB360 (LEED Silver)
Mylo at Santa Clara (GreenPoint Rated)
Patina at Midtown (LEED Neighborhood targeted)
Radius (LEED Gold)
Solstice (LEED Certified)
Station Park Green (LEED Gold ND)
Via (GreenPoint Rated)
Villa Granada (LEED Gold)