Have questions? We’ve got answers! Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have further questions, reach out to the on-site team.

Resident Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact the leasing office?

    You can easily contact your leasing team by phone or email.

  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    Residents can submit maintenance requests through our Resident App. Residents are sent an email invitation to register when they move-in. They can also link to the Resident App from the RENTCafé Resident Portal.

  • What if I’m having issues with my RentCafe' or Resident App?

    If you are having trouble accessing the RENTCafé Resident Portal or the Resident App, please contact the management team at your community for assistance.

  • What if I have questions regarding my Smart Home device?

    Please log into your RENTCafé Resident Portal for more information on your front door lock.

  • How do I pay rent?

    One-time and recurring online payments can be made through our RENTCafé Resident Portal. We currently accept online payments by credit card, debit card, or ACH (payments made from your checking account). You can also pay your rent by mailing a personal check or with cash or a cashier’s check through our walk-in payment (WIP) system program.

    Additional payment options such as corporate checks may be available. Please contact your leasing team for specific details.

Lease Renewals

  • How do I renew my lease?

    You will receive a lease renewal letter by both mail and email 45 - 60 days (CA) or 65 - 180 days (WA) prior to your lease expiration date. This letter will outline the details of your new lease pricing and lease term options. Additional changes to your lease agreement must be confirmed with your management team.

    We recommend you complete and sign your lease renewal paperwork a minimum of 30 days prior to your lease expiration date to ensure your apartment home is secured.

    If you will not be renewing your lease, you are required to provide a 30-day notice for apartment homes in (CA) or a 20-day notice for apartment homes in (WA).

Move-out Process

  • What should I do to plan for move-out?

    Once you have given proper notice, and prior to your move-out date, we recommend you schedule a pre-move-out inspection to determine if there are any items you may need to clean or repair before your departure to avoid additional charges. Our management team will refer to the move-in checklist you provided upon originally moving into your apartment to determine if any damage was pre-existing.

    On your final move-out day, you will need to return any keys and/or access devices to the management team to avoid additional charges.

  • What other items should I complete when moving out?

    Ensure any utilities have been updated or cancelled. Additionally, you should forward your mail through USPS.com / quick tools / Standard Forward Mail & Change of Address.

    Lastly, be sure to confirm the management team has your forwarding address so any return funds can be mailed to your new location.

    Once you have fully vacated the home, please notify the management team via phone, text, or email to avoid being charged for additional days.

  • What if I have questions about my move-out statement?

    If you have questions regarding your move-out statement, please contact our support team directly at PastResident@essex.com. They will be able to review your statement with you in detail and provide additional insight into any fees you may have incurred. Alternatively, you can submit a Past Resident Billing Inquiry in the Contact Us form.

    The Essex past resident team can work with you to answer any outstanding questions you may have about fees on your statement, as well as assist you with creating a payment plan for your outstanding balance, if necessary.

  • What happens if I need to move out of my apartment before my lease ends?

    We understand you may need to end your current lease prior to the agreed-upon date included in your lease agreement, which is why we offer the following lease-termination options:

    TRANSFER: If you would like to explore available options to transfer to another Essex community, please contact your management team to inquire about our transfer policy. With nearly 250 apartment communities located along the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego, we are sure we can assist you in finding another Essex property.

    EARLY LEASE TERMINATION FEE: Ending your lease early may result in a lease termination fee, which is typically two times the amount of your base rent. Your signed lease agreement includes complete details on the full amount owed if you choose to break your lease.

    RENT-RESPONSIBLE: With this option, you agree to continue to submit your monthly rent payments until the apartment home is rented and occupied by a new resident.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any of the above options require a 30-day notice to vacate for apartment homes in (CA) and a 20-day notice to vacate for apartment homes in (WA).

    Reach out to your community team for more details.