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The Scoop on Dog Food Delivery Services


Apartment living is awesome for all its conveniences, and it is especially great when you find an apartment that will also welcome your canine companion. Since you're living the good life, why shouldn't your four-footed best friend have the same luxuries? Many apartment dwellers are taking advantage of convenient trends that deliver meals directly to their front doors. Did you know your dog can enjoy the same healthy convenience?

Dog food delivery service is a smart idea.

If you live in an apartment with your dog, you can now choose from several dog food delivery services that can give your pet delicious, healthy food delivered right to your door. Pet food delivery is a great idea for a lot of reasons.

  • You don't have to lug heavy bags of dog food from your car up to your apartment.
  • Your pet is getting high-quality food that may not be available at local stores.
  • Automatic delivery means you never have to worry about forgetting to buy your pet's food.

Dogs are members of your family, so treating them to an awesome pet delivery service is a great way to give them some love. It's also one less thing you need to remember during your busy day. Here's a rundown of some of the top dog food delivery services for apartment dwellers.

Pet Plate

This all-natural pet food company boasts meals that your pooch will really get excited about. Pet Plate offers vet designed selections that are made from real ingredients. You can choose meals made from human-grade chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb at a USDA facility. While it might seem a little pricey, it's worth it to know your dog is getting the best nutrition delivered to your door.


This forward-thinking pet food company wants you to bring healthy home with made-to-order meals for your dog. NomNomNow believes in responsible food for pet parents, using only veterinarian-approved recipes and human-grade ingredients. They take your pet's age, activity level, weight, and health issues into account and create a custom, pre-portioned plan just for your individual pet.

The Farmer's Dog

Looking for balanced, healthy meals for your pup that are as nourishing as your own? That is the principal The Farmer's Dog was founded on. Ready to serve meals are delivered to your door within days of being cooked. They are never flash-frozen, and each meal is customized individually to your dog. Perfectly timed deliveries mean you will never run out of the best food for your dog.


This healthy, human-grade dog food company believes in a simplified, honest approach. JustFoodForDogs creates a custom feeding calculator and delivers USDA grade, proven healthy recipes. This company currently has delivery in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco and will soon be expanding into other areas.


Created by dog lovers for dog lovers, Ollie also offers fresh meals with fresh ingredients. They offer no artificial ingredients ever, custom portions, and regularly scheduled delivery every one to two weeks. With vet-formulated recipes and wholesome, fresh ingredients, it's a healthy alternative for your pet.

Grocery Pup

Here is another service offering slow-cooked food in a USDA, human-grade kitchen. Grocery Pup's unique cooking method provides the health benefits of raw without the risk. They use farm-fresh, non-GMO, no hormone ingredients which are packaged and frozen into convenient, one-pound patties that easily stack up in the freezer.


If your dog has allergies, you're going to want to look closely at this delivery service. Evermore features home-cooked, gentle meals with detoxifying ingredients. They get all their ingredients from ranchers and vendors who also believe strongly in animal welfare. All food is cooked in kitchens that have the same standards as those used to prepare human food. Evermore only uses 100% grain-fed, antibiotic-free beef, free-range, GMO-free chicken and turkey, and pasture-raised, organic eggs.


This company features raw food for your dog with 75% meat and 24% vegetables. Darwin's Raw Dog Food brings your dog's health to the forefront with nutritionally balanced, complete meals free from hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Their home delivery program offers auto shipping service on a regular schedule.

Feeding your apartment dog fresh food is only natural.

If your dog lives in an apartment, just as their exercise should be top-of-mind, so too should their nutrition. Unfortunately, a lot of the top name dog food brands you see in grocery stores can be full of questionable ingredients. Even brands that claim to be "all natural" are often highly processed and offer your friend very little in the way of nutritional value.

When you transition your animal to fresh, real food, you'll often see an immediate benefit. Eating fresh can improve your dog's range of motion, digestion, and help with skin and coat health. There's no reason why apartment dwelling dogs can't have a fresh, wholesome diet. Remember to talk to your veterinarian for the best way to transition your dog to a new diet.

If you're looking for traditional dog food delivery, that's always an option.

If you're not ready to jump into fresh food for your pet, and you want to stick with traditional dog foods, there are several apartment delivery options available to you. Chewy, Amazon, and Pet Flow are all good options to get the brands you're familiar with delivered to your apartment. These companies also offer allergy-free, prescription, and grain-free choices.

Another option for dog food delivery is nearby pet superstores like PetSmart and Petco. They have a wide variety of dog food brands, and you can set up an auto-delivery service to have fresh human-grade food, dry food, grain-free food, veterinary diets, or wet food arrive at your door on a regularly scheduled basis.

Since you're living the good life, why shouldn't your dog? Be sure to check out some of these awesome dog food delivery services to find the one that's right for you and your budget. They all offer to bring fresh, healthy food directly to your apartment door. It's a smart solution for both you and your pet.

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