Family of four celebrating Halloween in their apartment home.
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7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home


October 27, 2020

When it comes to holidays, only a few (if any!) elicit as much anticipation and excitement as Halloween. Last year, CNN reported that an expected 172 million Americans would celebrate the spooky holiday, and spending in 2019 would likely reach more than $8 billion. That’s a whole lot of costumes, decorations and candy!

For children, the thrill of Halloween triggers their imagination, sense of adventure, and most importantly, a well-deserved sugar rush. And for adults, this is the one day of the year where you can take on a completely different silly or spooky persona and have a little fun! This year’s Halloween celebrations may not involve the usual trick-or-treat escapades, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a spectacularly spooky night. Here are some creative ways to celebrate Halloween 2020 from home.

Woman face painting girl as a skeleton in their apartment home.

Dress Up in Costumes

It won’t be a Halloween celebration without costumes! Even if you’re not headed out this year, you can always have a little fun with this year’s top costume selections. For an adult-only party at home, check out this year’s most popular costumes for duos, or try your hand at one of these DIY costumes for kids of all ages.

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Go Big on Decorations

Fun décor is where you can truly liven up your Halloween at home! Go big on decorations inside of your apartment and to create your own haunted house, try alternating themes between different areas of your apartment. This will allow you to have your own trick-or-treat session. With a little effort and creativity, it might just be your best Halloween yet.

Read and Share Halloween Stories

There’s nothing like a good ghost story to get everyone in a spine-tingling mood. Create a spooky atmosphere by diming the lights and telling your favorite Halloween-inspired story. This is a great time to let your little ones use their imagination, so encourage them to come up with a story of their own to share.

Tiny Halloween-inspired mummified hot dogs in a bowl.

Get Creative with Your Cooking

Make a boo-tiful breakfast or devilish dinner to scare up your appetite. Make mummified hot dogs, mix up spider web guacamole, create a meatball stuffed pasta brain, or blend a vampire blood tomato soup. A Halloween-inspired menu will give you the chance to play with your food - the more unappetizing, the better!

Have a Halloween Dance Party

Nothing is more fun than an impromptu dance party, especially when you have a Halloween-themed playlist that can only be used once a year. A few of the classics that you’ll want to bring your best moves for are 'Thriller,' 'This Is Halloween,' the Ghostbusters theme song, and 'The Monster Mash.' Give out prizes to the ghoul with the best moves!

Two kids in witches' hats decorating their Halloween treats.

Make Halloween Treats

Put the treat in trick or treat! Instead of relying only on store-bought candy, try making your own sweet concoctions at home to sweeten up your at-home Halloween party. Children can help with simple tasks like stirring dough or adding ingredients, and when it comes to decorating, the spookier the better!

Watch Halloween Movies

If spooky decorations and Halloween stories are not enough to cap off a fun-filled night, watch a family-friendly horror movie. Even if you have young children, there are age-appropriate movies that you can watch. To make it exciting, watch the film in the dark and make it a rule that eyes must be open at all times.

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