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The 101 on Essex Interactive Maps


Although Essex has long been at the forefront of innovation and technology to help renters find their new home, 2020 was a year of quick adaptation and new approaches as gatherings and in-person meetings were halted. Businesses worldwide had to think on their feet and get creative to continue conducting business and serving customers. The real estate, rental, and apartment home industries were no exception, with viewings halted and leasing agents wondering how to reach their customers.

Essex responded by launching 360-degree online tours and virtual tours for contactless, convenient viewing of our nearly 250 apartment communities along the West Coast. It didn’t stop there, however, taking convenience and cutting-edge technology to the next level with interactive apartment maps. In a portfolio of apartment-viewing tools, interactive maps complete the collection, providing value from the get-go to supplement the 360-degree and virtual tours.

The Tool

In your apartment search, once you decide on an area, you can compare the interactive maps of a handful of Essex apartment communities that you’re considering. On a community’s home page, available units and their interactive maps can be found through the “View Floor Plans & Pricing” button. Using the pricing and date-range parameters, you can narrow down to what’s available. The 360-online tours are clickable on each individual floor plan, while the “Interactive Maps” button takes you directly to a comprehensive layout and profile view of the entire property.

Click a floor with units available and see the corresponding floor light-up on the profile image and respective units available within your two-week scope on the layout. On this page, you can see exactly where the unit is located within the apartment community and get an idea of units and community amenities above, below, and around it. It also includes a summary of the critical details about the available apartment homes: exact unit number, floor plan type, square footage, pricing, leasing length, and vacancy date.

The Benefits

Once you’ve selected a couple of units which meet your needs in regard to size and pricing, you can really put the interactive map to work to identify the pros and cons of each apartment. Think about the aspects which are important to you, and then see how each measure up using the interactive maps.

If you have a dog, perhaps you’d prefer to be on the first floor near the dog run or pet wash station. If you’re a single female living alone in the city, perhaps you’d prefer the exact opposite. Out of courtesy, dog owners, and even parents of little ones, may opt for a unit which shares fewer walls with other renters or is located over community spaces rather than neighbors. With the interactive property maps online, you can see the exact location of prospective units and easily make these decisions.

Think about the apartment amenities and how they fit into your lifestyle – the map can help there. Are you someone who would prefer to be near the trash shoot and elevators for easy access or further down the hall to avoid the potential noise? Again, would you prefer to be close to the swimming pool or fitness center for prime accessibility, or would you rather keep a distance from the community's main street? With more companies allowing employees to work from home often, will you select a unit in a secluded corner of the property with an office which faces a green space?

On that note, perhaps views rank highly for you. Using the interactive property maps online, you can pick corner units or those facing downtown or a park. Then, you can leverage the 360-degree tours or book a virtual tour to check out the view from inside the apartment home. For prospective tenants moving a great distance, for instance, being able to thoroughly review a potential new home from hundreds or thousands of miles away means money and time savings.

The Perfect Apartment

While some prospective tenants may feel comfortable making a decision as long as, say, the apartment size and pricing are right; most renters won’t pick a new home sight unseen. When in-person viewings and guided tours are still limited, or at least less desirable, interactive apartment maps are the perfect addition to the portfolio of apartment-viewing tools.

Whether you’re down the street but not quite ready for an in-person tour, 800 miles away and can’t make a trip for apartment walkthroughs, or somewhere in between, Essex has you covered. Find your city, set your parameters, and leverage the interactive maps to pick a few strong candidates. Then, dive deeper into each with a 360-degree online tour or get a custom virtual tour with a leasing agent who you can ask questions in real-time. With these cutting-edge tools and nearly 250 feature-full apartment communities, Essex has made apartment hunting easy.

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